'Manage, Ride, & Explore'

Create your very own unique fun fair with loads of detailed rides, shops/stalls, facilities and loads of decorations.
Everything is up to you to earn big profits and make an impressive fun fair. How will you do when you get the chance to create the ultimate funfair?

- Idea

FunFair World - a game currently in development - based on the core simulation of a local fun fair. Players get to design their very own fair, just the way they want it, with FunFair World's simple, but very powerful tools.


Great Gameplay

Gameplay that is full of exciting new surprises and items to create unique parks with.

Rewarding Gameplay

Whether you're playing on a Scenario or Sandbox map, the gameplay keeps you captivated with rewarding gameplay.


FunFair World's continuously growing library full of decorational assets allows you to produce creative & unique designs.


  • It's quite incredible to be fair. One young man, working alone creating this. Especially when you think about how many developers and programmers other games have, not to mention budget.

    Marc J
  • This is incredible to think you are doing this at 14! You have a very bright future ahead of you! Keep up the good work!

    Ruby L
  • Love that you are still working on this!

    Elizabeth B

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